New game mode: Pairs tournaments

Many of you asked for it… Well, your wish is granted: you can now play pairs tournaments on Funbridge!

This new multiplayer game mode allows you to invite a human partner or our artificial intelligence “Argine” to face other pairs and fight for victory. All you need to play is a Funbridge Premium subscription or enough deals on your Funbridge account.

How to play a pairs tournament?

pairs tournaments on funbridge

Select the game mode “Pairs tournaments” on the home screen

Select a pairs tournament on Funbridge

Select a tournament among the numerous slots available

invite your partner to play pairs tournament

Invite your human partner or our AI “Argine”


If you are playing on your smartphone or tablet and you can’t see the mode “Pairs tournaments” on the home screen of Funbridge, please update the app.

Help us meet your expectations!

“The launch of pairs tournaments is an important step in the multiplayer experience we want to offer on Funbridge.

In a few days you will receive an email inviting you to share your comments and suggestions about this new game mode. Thank you in advance for your input!”

Boris Plays
Boris Plays – Multiplayer Funbridge Project Manager

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That is the good news of this new year. The multiplayer game mode of the FunBelote app is now available for free!


  1. Congratulation with the new possibility Pair comtition. One notification: it starts at 18. The clock is not 18 at the same time worldwide. How shall we deal with that?

  2. The start time mentioned: is this the local time of the home country I am registered at? I am abroad at the moment in a different timezone.

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