NEW! Federation tournaments for beginners

Whatever your bridge level, Funbridge is here to help you make progress. What better way to stay motivated when you are learning bridge than by moving up your official national rankings quickly? That’s why we are now offering federation tournaments open to beginners only!

Your questions, our answers

Who can play these tournaments?

Federation tournaments for beginners are only available to players whose average performance remains below a certain threshold set in advance, i.e. inexperienced bridge players. Visit our FAQ to learn more about what the average performance is exactly and how it is calculated.

Why play these tournaments?

Once a tournament is over, Funbridge uses the final rankings to award official masterpoints. Since federation tournaments for beginners are only available to inexperienced bridge players, participating in these tournaments will increase your chances of earning masterpoints.

Where and how to play these tournaments?

They’re listed along with standard federation tournaments licensed by partner federations offering this new type of games. They are easily identified thanks to a special label. For instance, “Average performance <55%”. All you need to do is register or play them directly if they have already begun. Funbridge automatically checks that your average performance doesn’t exceed the threshold set for these tournaments.

RBBF opens the ball: FREE tournaments from 7 to 27 March!

As a first step, federation tournaments aimed at beginners will be offered to players taking part in RBBF (Royal Belgian Bridge Federation) tournaments only, but other national bridge organisations should quickly follow. So, stay tuned 😉

The first RBBF tournaments for beginners will start on Monday 7 March 2022 and include the following:

  • 1 weekly tournament from Monday to Saturday inclusive
  • 12 deals per tournament
  • Scored by MPs
  • Average performance below 55% required
  • Entry fee: 25 Diamonds FREE from 7 to 27 March 2022!

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