Major Suit Raise

Major suit raises after a take-out double

In modern bridge, the simple raise of opener’s major after a takeout Double was cut in half: the upper range is now shown via a transfer bid, the lower zone with the good old natural simple raise. With the Mixed raise, 2NT and fit-showing jump shifts, a pair now has a colorful range of bids to paint the best contracts!

A powerful system: Transfer over opener’s jump rebid of 2NT

In the French standard system, when we start 1m-1M-2NT, the other minor elongates responder’s major, but that’s about it. It is possible to go much further in the description of all sorts of hands under the condition of adopting a system that combines transfer and double relay responses. Attention, it requires that you and your partner are on exactly the same page, or you can experience disasters
New trial bids

The new trial bids

The objective is to differentiate trial bids that invite game from those that investigate a slam all while following a guideline: to reveal as little as possible about declarer’s hand in game auctions and precisely identify responder’s hand in slam auctions.
Bivalent 2NT bridge article by Wilfried Libbrecht

Bivalent 2NT

After the start 1♠️-2♥️, a 3♥️ rebid remained a catch-all auction in the French system even if some tried to limit the meaning. Our convention will allow us bid more precisely with…

Bridge article the 90 per cent rule

The 90% rule

When you are virtually certain you know what the final contact should be my advice is to bid it immediately. The less you reveal the harder life will be for the defenders.…