Game of good sequence

In each sequence, replace the question marks with the correct calls. The point scale takes into account not only your ability to reach the right contract but also the way you use to get there.

For each problem, you can earn 0-10 points depending on your answer and on the route you choose to get to the right contract.

Level 1

Exercise #1

What is your bidding sequence (Dealer West)?

→ See the solution of the exercice #1 -Level 1

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  1. it was a gray day!!! I got the contracts but the bidding process was not the same…W bid 1NT, 3Diamonds and either 3NT or 4 Spades….E bid 3Clubs to 1NT and 3Spades to 3Diamonds…couldnt make up my mind whether to go to 4 level in spades or stop at 3NT given the quality of the spades and the potential losers…though it better to stay at 3NT and make an over trick

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