Direct raises of one of a major openings

Les soutiens majeurs de l'ouverture

The principle of the five-cards major system is to find a fit in a major as fast as possible. The current French system offers a bg diversity of fit showing answers, depending on responder’s strength and number of Trumps.


The leson

With weak or intermediate hands (less than 12 or 13 points), showing the fit in partner’s major has the priority over any other bids.

The direct raises are weak and depend on your number of trumps.

› On the two-level with at least three trumps and 6-10 points (distribution included)

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  1. I am continually amused by people who play 5-card majors but don’t want to play in a 5-3 fit at the 3-level . With the second example of the single raise my bid would have been 2 Diamonds . Opener can just rebid 2 Hearts with a very minimum hand and i would pass .
    If you open with very weak hands with no playing strength it serves you right if 3 Hearts goes off .
    Unfortunately the Funbridge computer appears not to understand the subtleties of good ACOL bidding .

  2. I’ve been playing duplicate Bridge and Funbridge for many yea s but I’ rank beginner. I did not understand any of the “solutions” in the bidding solutions in the “practical exercises: 2= __hearts.

  3. Given that aesthetics is in the eye of the beholder and that Artificial Intelligence is here, I still disliked seeing the AI generated “expletive of your choice” so called “art work” accompanying the article..

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