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Rather than relying only on the friendly break of a given suit to make your contract, you must think about a plan that allows you to make even if it splits badly – and that’s right from the start of the play
Major Suit Raise

Major suit raises after a take-out double

In modern bridge, the simple raise of opener’s major after a takeout Double was cut in half: the upper range is now shown via a transfer bid, the lower zone with the good old natural simple raise. With the Mixed raise, 2NT and fit-showing jump shifts, a pair now has a colorful range of bids to paint the best contracts!

A powerful system: Transfer over opener’s jump rebid of 2NT

In the French standard system, when we start 1m-1M-2NT, the other minor elongates responder’s major, but that’s about it. It is possible to go much further in the description of all sorts of hands under the condition of adopting a system that combines transfer and double relay responses. Attention, it requires that you and your partner are on exactly the same page, or you can experience disasters
Whose Fault

Whose fault is it?

North-South have reached a very poor contact. As so often, each of the two players considers that his partner is responsible for the accident. And you, what do you think? Problem 1…


Deauville: the renaissance

A week after the one in Biarritz, the Deauville festival opened its doors, directed masterfully by Alain Bekerman, who spends the whole year making this tournament a choice event. His objective is…


Biarritz, the inevitable festival

In early July the Biarritz festival welcomed bridge players from all over France with a special place for Spanish visitors. This big international celebration lasts 10-15 days and is organised by Franck…