Is South a century late?

North-South have reached a very poor contract. As so often, each of the two players considers that his partner is responsible for the accident. And you, what do you think?

Problem 1

The facts
They missed out on an excellent game; our two friends are not on the same wavelength.


North: “I don’t understand why you don’t jump to 4♥ over 2♣. After a new suit 1-over-1, your jump to 3♥ is non-forcing and shows three-card support and 11-12 points including distribution. With my trash, I pass as fast as I can.”
South: “You’re still somewhere in the last century! Let me remind you that we now use 2NT to show a non-forcing raise with three cards and 11-12 points. Delayed raises to the three-level are forcing nowadays.”


The one who is right is South. At least when he explains to his partner that his bid is forcing by inference. Limit raises with 11-12 points are now made with either 3♥ to show four trumps or with 2NT when you have three-card support. As a corollary, the delayed raise to the three-level is game-forcing, even after the initial response of 1♠, 1-over-1. Note that the 2NT response to 1♥ doesn’t deny four or even five cards in Spades. In the ranges of 8-10 or 11-12 points, it’s a priority to show the Heart support.

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  1. Problem 1; opening 1 H with 4 and 10 points? Partner’s bid of 1 spade has made the opener’s hand worse, not better.
    Born in the first half of the last century and proud of it. Pass-1 spade-1NT end.
    The fact something can be made doesn’t mean it should be bid. Many bid 6 and make 7 despite being off an ace.
    Problem 2: Transfer and offer 3 NT, The less you say the less the opponents know.
    Problem 3: Responsive doubles are a nice tool.

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