One hand, six questions

Managing a hand with a lot of points is not easy, whether it be in adverse silence or competitive bidding. Be ready for some flexibility. And good luck!

With N/S vulnerable, you hold the following hand as South:

1- How do you open this hand?

2- Your partner opens 3♠. What do you bid? Try to imagine how this will continue.

3- You open 1♥, lefty overcalls 2♠. Your partner doubles and RHO bids 3♠. What do you say?

4- You open 1♥ and your partner responds 1NT. Plan the next two rounds of the bidding!

5- You open 1♥ and your partner raises to 2♥. How can you find out if partner has the right cards?

6- You play 6 Hearts as South (none vul.):

West leads the Spade 10. You play low in dummy and win with the Ace in hand. Play to the best of your interests… Be careful, Diamonds don’t break well!

The full deal

Add up your points and divide by 3 to get your score out of 20!

What score did you get?

Share your score in the Comments Section below!

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