Whose fault

North-South have got to a very bad contract. As is often the case, each of the players thinks that his partner is responsible for the accident. And you: what do you think?

Problem 1

The situation

The contracts of 3NT and 4 Hearts are cold, that of 5 Diamonds is excellent. One of the two players (or perhaps both) has bid his cards badly.

The arguments

North: “Your two red Kings in my two-suiter are worth a fortune. I do not agree with responding 2NT, a bid well-known to slow the auction down.”

South: “Actually, I haven’t found a better bid. Using a game-forcing 3♣ as Fourth-suit Forcing seems excessive, and clumsy, to me, since I am holding that suit.”

The verdict

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  1. “,,,going wrong by overbidding only to notice that both contracts are going down one is a small mistake. Leaving the opponents to play in a making contract when your side is also making something is an error that costs way too much.” Very helpful comment.

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