Overcalling in fourth seat

Intervention number 4

Sandwiched between the response to the opening and the opening itself, the player in fourth seat can come forward. Bidding in that position has similarities as well as differences with overcalling in second seat. Be careful with bids describing two-suited hands as they can be hazardous!

1. After a raise to the 2-level
2. After a 1-over-1 suit shift
3. After a 1NT response

1. After a raise to the 2-level

A) Double (promises enough for an opening)

1- After a minor opening

The double is take-out of the majors, but be aware that it can be used with a 5-4 two-suiter, that is, a hand justifying an overcall at the 1-level in the 5-card suit.

Deal 1

It is also used with any distribution and at least 18 HCP.

Deal 2

2- After a major opening

The double is primarily take-out of the other major or used with any distribution and at least 18 HCP.

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One comment

  1. No mention of (1 club) 2 clubs.
    I’m SEF it is natural and 2D shows majors. ,I think this is a waist of a good bid as 2D natural after 1 club is very disruptive. How often will you have a hand with good enough clubs to overcall at 2 level in front of partner who is yet to speak? I would be interested in expert opinion

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