East isn’t the brightest bulb inthe box

Example of the champions

Report on international online championship, teams.

You teleport to the seat of Radu Nistor, a young champion from Romania who has been playing international competitions for about ten years opposite his charming and no less talented partner, Raluca Dobrescu.

Contract: 3 No-Trumps by South.
West leads the Diamond King (East provides the 10).

How many tricks do you already have at hand?
Two Spades, one Heart, one Diamond and two Clubs: six in total.

Which suit will you try to exploit for more?
No big surprise there, it’s Hearts. You absolutely need to get three additional tricks in that suit.

Will you duck the lead?
Yes, it costs you absolutely nothing. Alas, West insists with the Diamond Queen, which you duck again (the 5 from East) and West plays another Diamond to dislodge your Ace. On the third round, East discards a Spade.

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  1. Liked the 3G t hypothesis based play. Worth remebering

    Bidding exercises quite interesting. Though requires practice specially confidence to bid 2 not with a spade void, rubensohl convention….

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