Team Funbridge is growing! Special tournament this weekend

Team Funbridge new members

Since its creation last year, Team Funbridge has enabled 9 talented young bridge players to show their skills at international tournaments. You have been able to follow their adventures in Strasbourg and Veldhoven on the Funbridge blog. 🗺️

We are pleased to announce that 3 new members will join Team Funbridge at its first tournament of the year at Alpe d’Huez! 🥳

The new faces of Team Funbridge

Discover a portrait and an interview with the new members of Team Funbridge:

Olivia Schireson

Olivia Schireson

aka “Ollie” – 19 y.o.

Sofie Graesholt Sjødal

Sofie Graesholt Sjødal

aka “Sofie” – 22 y.o.

Andrea Nilsson

Andrea Nilsson

aka “Andrew” – 19 y.o.

Team Funbridge at Alpe d’Huez

First tournament of the year!

Team Funbridge participates in the first European Winter Transnational Championships at Alpe d’Huez from April 15 to 21. Cheer them on at the Funbridge blog!

Special Alpe d’Huez Tournament on Funbridge

Join the members of the Funbridge Team in the special Alpe d’Huez Funbridge Points Tournament from April 14 to 16. Come one, come all!

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