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Quiz Time

December Bridge quiz

Is North last bid forcing or non-forcing? Click on “Participate” to submit your answer before 18 December. The winners will receive Diamonds♦️ on Wednesday 27 December! What is the “bridge quiz”? The bridge quiz is a game offered…

Bridge lesson

Fourth suit forcing for all

Fourth suit forcing is part of what teachers refer to as “Responder’s second bid”. This is a conventional bid and is therefore only used in the absence of a satisfactory natural bid. But unlike…

Bridge Clash 2

Bridge Clash 2: thrilling!

Bridge Clash 2 is the second knockout tournament currently taking place on Funbridge. Check this article regularly to stay informed of the developments of this tournament which, for sure, will be an…

Step by Step

An atomic bomb!

Teams match, Dealer West, None Vul. After West opens 1♦ as dealer and your partner doubles for takeout, you respond 1♠ with the following hand as South: After which the auction develops…