robson touch "Trump Coup"

The Robson Touch: Trump coup

In partnership with Bridgerama+ magazine, Funbridge is pleased to give you free access to an article from the last issue. Enjoy! (Click here to print the article). Trump Coup Despite being in dummy, you cannot…

Bridgerama Plus US

Free bridge magazine! Discover Bridgerama+

Bridge reference magazines Bridgerama and BeBRIDGE are merging to become BRIDGERAMA+! Read articles written by the authors behind the success of Bridgerama (Michel Bessis, Philippe Cronier, Norbert Lébely…) as well as new columns by Mark Horton, Larry Cohen, Marc Smith et…

Bridge magazines 2020 packs

Sea, bridge and sun!

Check out the 2020 digital packs of BeBRIDGE and Bridgerama magazines! Discover with pleasure the issues released last year at a special price. Plus, you’ll be able to take them with you…


30% off annual subscription to Bridgerama

Discover Bridgerama magazine! Every month 20 pages edited by Michel Bessis, Philippe Cronier and Jean-Christophe Quantin will allow you to test your skills and make progress in bridge at home. Our partner Le Bridgeur has a special…


The integral BeBRIDGE 2020 free!

In order to mark the first anniversary of “BeBRIDGE” magazine, our partner “Le Bridgeur” is pleased to give away free copies of 2020 BeBRIDGE issues for any new subscription to one of their magazines (BeBRIDGE and/or Bridgerama).…