One hand, six questions. Play with Jérôme and Léo Rombaut!

Bridge article One hand six questions by Jérôme and Léo Rombaut

Nowadays, everyone wants to open 1NT even when they have a five-card major. What was forbidden yesterday has become fashionable today. But beware of abuse!

E/W Vul. As South, you hold:

  1. How do you open that hand?
  2. Your partner opens 3♥. What do you say?
  3. You open 1♠, your partner responds 1NT, what is your second bid?
  4. Your RHO opens 1♣, you overcall 1♠, your LHO passes and partner cue-bids 2♣. East passes and it’s your turn.
  5. You open 1♠ and your partner answers 2♥. What do you say? And try to already think about your third bid.
  6. You are declarer in 4 Spades, after the simple 1♠-4♠.

West leads the Queen of Clubs, his partner wins with the Ace and plays back the Diamond 8, which you take with the Ace. How do you continue?

The solutions

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