Deal analysis by Norbert Lébely

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Dealer North, N/S Vul.

deal analysis norbert lebely
bidding sequence deal analysis

(1) Natural or values in Spades
(2) Four Spades and Diamond stopper(s)
(3) Two keys and the Queen of trumps.
(4) Hope for a grand slam.
(5) No King.

Contract: 6♠.
Entame : ♦10 (the four from East)

Without the Club King in partner’s hand, you stopped at the small slam in Spades.

Count your sure and immediate winners

You’ve certainly counted eight, with four Spades, two Diamonds, Ace of Hearts and Ace of Clubs. You need four more that you’ll set up by exploiting either Hearts or Clubs.

Which of the two suits do you choose?

Clubs because as you have eight cards there (compared to only six in Hearts), the suit is much easier to establish.

Are you sure this contract will make easily?

No, because bad splits can make things difficult for you.

In order to prevail, what do you have to postulate?

A “hypothesis of fear”, namely that both black suits may break 4-1.

In that case, is there a solution?

Yes, as long as you are very careful …

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