“X-Rays” by Norbert Lébely

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Teams dealer south -N/S Vulnerables
Sitting South, you open your balanced 15-count with 1NT:

West leads the 4 of Spades…

Contract: 6 No-trump
Lead: ♠4. East wins with the Ace and plays
back the 7 of Hearts.
Holding 17HCP and a five-card Diamond
suit, your partner counted an additional
point for length and jumped directly to
6NT (18 + 15 = 33).

What is the classic way to lead against 6 or 7 No-trump?
Against a slam that was bid “by weight”, the best is to lead from the longest suit without an honor, giving standard count (third and fifth) because one must strive not to waste the few useful values that the defense may possess.

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