Roller coaster bridge article

Against winds and tides our solid rock, used by many as a reference you turn to. A talented professor of theory without equal, Alain Lévy possesses one of the best records in French bridge. Passionate about golf and cinema, nevertheless Alain spends most of his time thinking about and how to improve the French standard bidding system (SEF or système d’enchères français).

Your mission

Will the lead be “like in the books”, “in the fog”, “very emotional”, or “against all odds”? Our columnist has set his mind on testing your science and your flair. Buckle up, the roller coaster ride is about to start…

What do you lead as West?

Hand 1

Hand one
North one

Hand 2

Hand two
North two
1) Transfer to Diamonds.
(2) Exclusion Blackwood.
(3) One key-card.

Hand 3

Hand three
North three

Hand 4

Hand four
North four
(*) 10-12HCP


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