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Let’s bid partner! By Nicolas Lhuissier

lets bid partner nicolas lhuissier

After a minor-suit transfer.

Holding a long minor opposite a 1NT opening, responder uses a transfer in order to let the strong hand become declarer. But once opener has executed the transfer, he must further specify his hand.

In particular, he shows his singleton at the three-level in order to see if it’s indicated to play either Three No-trump or game (or even slam!) in the minor. That way, opener will sometimes have the last word depending on his holding in responder’s shortness.

bidding lets play partner nicolas lhuissier

In French standard, bidding 3-of-a-major after a minor-suit transfer allows you to show shortness in the other major: West therefore bids 3♥ to show his singleton Spade. East has what it takes opposite the missing Spade stopper and serenely signs off in 3NT, the winning game.


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New partner federation

Funbridge and the Dutch Bridge Federation (NBB) are now partners! We are looking forward to welcoming many Dutch players on Funbridge soon.

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Tournaments with thousands of participants, top players ready to be challenged, Funbridge Points doubled and many other surprises… Enjoy!

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