Your questions, our answers.

Due to the unprecedented situation we are going through, many of you have recently joined Funbridge or shown interest in joining us. And we are very pleased to welcome you!

That is the reason why we have decided to write this article to help you as much as we can and answer the various questions you may have. If you want detailed information about a specific topic, please read our FAQs and if you would like to see some topics for which you can’t find information in this article or the FAQs covered in another article, feel free to tell us in the Comment field.

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1. What is Funbridge?

Funbridge is an application available on smartphones, tablets and web browsers allowing you to play bridge with an artificial intelligence called ‘Argine’ and against opponents controlled by the latter. Your partners are therefore available 24/7 at any time of the day or night to play with you.

On Funbridge all players play the same deals in all game modes. Your scores on those deals are then compared with other players based on your respective performance.

The app gives you some hints while playing so that you can improve step by step.

You can also take part in a wide range of tournaments to pit yourself against top players!

The app is free. When you join the Funbridge community, you get 100 deals for free. Also, every time your deals are used up, you get another 10 for free seven days after you played your last deal. If you want to play more, visit our app shop (trolley symbol on the main screen and in the side menu) or the online shop of our website.

2. On which devices can I play?

You can play on Funbridge on your computer, tablet and/or smartphone provided that you have an internet connection.

If you have several devices, you can switch from one to another whenever you want. As long as you use your Funbridge account, you will have access to your information from any device.

Funbridge is currently available as:

  • A web version that is compatible with all main web browsers. No installation is required. This is the easiest and fastest way to start playing!
  • An App Store app to play on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.
  • A Google Play Store app to play on an Android tablet or smartphone.

3. How to play using a web browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari, Opera, etc.)?

To play using a web browser, go to Click the blue button ‘Play bridge’. You can also directly enter the address to play straight away.

If you visit Funbridge for the first time, you will have to create an account. To do so, click ‘Create an account’ and fill in the following fields: Screen name, Email address and Password. This is your login information required to log into Funbridge.

You already have a Funbridge account? In that case, log in completing the ‘Email or screen name’ and ‘Password’ fields.

You can also log in or create an account with Facebook. In that case, allow login with your Facebook account. You may be asked to enter your Facebook login information.

Tip: You can create a shortcut to your desktop with the address following these steps.

4. How to play on my smartphone or tablet?


Android device

In Google Play Store, search ‘Funbridge’ or click here. Then click the ‘Install’ button to install the app on your device. Once the installation is over, tap the app icon to launch the game.


Apple device

In the App Store, search ‘Funbridge’ or click here. Then click the ‘Install’ button to install the app on your device. Once the installation is over, tap the app icon to launch the game.


The first time you open the app, you are redirected to a screen asking you if you already have an account.


If you reply ‘No’

The app will invite you to discover the game by playing a first deal or getting started with bridge. If you opt for playing your first deal, the app will give you step-by-step explanations while playing.

Play my first deal


First, make a bid based on the cards you hold. To do so, just tap the bid of your choice. Bidding cards are zoomed in. Tap the bid you want to make again. The bidding card is zoomed in again. A window with bidding tips pops up if you have enabled this option in the app settings (Find out more in ‘How Funbridge works’ > ‘Settings’). Tap the bidding card one last time to confirm your bid. You can cancel the bid selected at any time by tapping one of the greyed-out cards. At the end of the auction, a window will display the contract played and the declarer.

Card play

To play a card, just tap the card you want to play. If the suit is known (during the trick), Funbridge preselects the cards of that suit. All you have to do then is tap the card you want to play. If the suit is unknown (you don’t hold cards of that suit or you have to play the first card of the trick), tap the suit in which you want to play. Funbridge preselects the cards of that suit. All you have to do then is tap the card you want to play.

Funbridge automatically plays singletons (i.e. when you hold one only card in a suit).

You can open the app side menu on the right of the table at any time (always displayed in landscape format on iPad). It gives you access to the app settings and various actions such as ‘Claim’, ‘Withdraw’ or ‘Stop’ to stop playing the current deal.

Help while playing

At the table, the player whose turn it is to play is shown by a small yellow arrow. Your HCPs in South are displayed at the bottom left of bidding cards during the auction. The contract played and the declarer are shown by the bidding card next to declarer’s hand. Vulnerability is indicated by the colour of North, South, East and West cardinal points, i.e. red means vulnerable and green means non-vulnerable. The number of tricks taken by the pair playing the contract is displayed on the table as a fraction (number of tricks taken/number of tricks to take to make the contract).

At the end of this first game, you will be invited to enter a screen name to appear in rankings and help your friends find you easily.

Congratulations! Your Funbridge account has now been created. However, we strongly advise you to complete it by entering an email address and a password to get extra deals and be able to log in with this account on other devices.

If you reply ‘Yes’

You will be asked to enter your Funbridge account information in the ‘Email address or screen name’ field, i.e. the email address or screen name chosen when you created your account.

5. Why do I need an account and how to create it?

You must have a Funbridge account to play on the platform. It allows you to track your progress from one game to another, to keep in touch with your Funbridge friends and to check your purchases whichever device you use to play.

To create an account using the Funbridge version for web browsers, you need an email address, a screen name and a password. Find out more in ‘How to play using a web browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari, Opera, etc.)?’

To create an account using the version for smartphones and tablets, only a screen name is required so that you can appear in the app rankings. However, we advise you to fill in your email address and password too. Find out more in ‘How to play on my smartphone or tablet?’

Your email address serves as your ID and allows us to contact you in case you experience problems to log in or if you forget your password. Your screen name is your name on the platform visible to other players. And your password that only you know enables you to log in.

6. How to log in and switch account?

To log in using a web browser or the app, always follow these steps: fill in the ‘Email or screen name’ field with the email address or screen name entered when you created your account or click ‘Log in with Facebook’ if you had opted for that option.

Players frequently report missing purchases or inactive subscriptions on an account but in most cases, they are just not logged into their account.

If an account is already used on your device, you can switch to yours. Just go to ‘My account’ and select ‘Switch account’.


Enter your account information and you now have access to your account, games and purchases.

7. I already have an account but I have lost my account info. What should I do?

You can’t remember your password but you know your screen name or the email address associated to your account


In the login window, click ‘I forgot my password’. You will then be invited to enter the email address or screen name associated to your account.

Click ‘Send’ and you will receive an email with a link to reset your password. If you can’t find this email in your inbox, check your spam folder.

You do not longer use your email address and you want to change it:

You can edit your email address in ‘My account’ > ‘Login information’. Click the ‘Email address’ field and enter your new email address. Then enter your password and click ‘Confirm’.

You can’t remember which email address and screen name you have used to create your account

Please contact our customer service via the contact form available here to get assistance asap. Fill in all fields to help us answer your request and most importantly select the right topic and category, i.e. ‘About my account’ and ‘Retrieve my account information’.

8. Where to find my friends?

Go to the ‘Friends’ menu.


Select ‘Search’ if using a web browser or ‘Find a player’ if using the app. Then complete the information you have about your friend, i.e. name, screen name, email address, etc. Select the right person in the list displayed to send him/her an invitation. Feel free to introduce yourself in a few lines so that he/she can easily recognise you.

If you want to remove someone from your friends’ list, open his/her profile in your ‘Friends’ menu and click ‘Friend’ at the top left. Confirm.

Finally, if you don’t want to be contacted by someone from your friends’ list, go to the bottom of his/her profile and select ‘Block’.

9. How to play with my friends?

You can challenge your friends


Via the ‘Challenge a player’ menu or the option ‘Challenge’ in their profile (can be found in the ‘Friends’ menu). Funbridge offers one-on-one challenges consisting of a tournament of 5 deals scored by IMPs. Please note that you can challenge any other player even if he/she is not on your friends’ list.

You can also practise together

Via the ‘Practise with my friend’ option available in his/her profile. Sitting North-South at the same table, you play against robots in East-West. You must be both logged in to be able to invite a friend to come practise with you.


Open his/her profile by clicking on his/her screen name or avatar anywhere in the app and click ‘Invite’ in ‘Practise with my friend’. Then choose the game mode in which you want to play together.

You can play in a team too.

Bring 4 to 6 players together and participate in the Team Championship.

10. Which game modes are available?

Game modes are split into three main categories on Funbridge:


Play a tournament

This is the competition part of the app where you can compare yourself with other players in several types of tournaments:

  • Series tournaments
  • Tournaments of the day
  • Team Championship: To participate, you have to either join a team or create one. A team is made up of 4 to 6 human players (4 starters and 2 substitutes maximum per team). You can find the buttons to create or join a team on the home page of the Team Championship.
  • Federation tournaments: These are specific tournaments licensed by national bridge federations enabling you to move up your national rankings if you are a member of that federation. To participate, you will need ‘Diamonds’ (Funbridge virtual currency) that you can buy in our shop (go to the ‘Diamonds’ section). The entry fee of each tournament is set by the federation and shown next to each tournament scheduled.

Get started/Practise

Here you will find different practice modes to make progress.

Challenge a player

Pit your skills against your friends and other players in short tournaments.


We hope that this article has helped you become more familiar with Funbridge and that you will have a good time with us. If some of your questions have not been answered, feel free to leave us a comment and we will do our best to update our FAQs accordingly.

Stay safe and enjoy Funbridge!

Team Funbridge


    • Hi! If you have subscribed from our website, you can cancel your subscription from this page:
      If you have subscribed from the Google Play Store (Android devices) or from the App Store (Apple devices), please login to one of these store to cancel your subscription.

  1. Those are NOT answers to my questions. You do NOT EVER answer questions although you sure do let us ask them after your bidding STUNK!

  2. I find your intention useless, this is not a school: who is a strong player thinks he is the strongest, who is medium or beginner can not adequately follow the teachers, I would give more space to socialization (it was, in my opinion, a error delete the chat) I repeat this is not a school but a social characterized by a shared passion.
    PS: the world is full of bridge schools, false teachers and false champions.

  3. Hi. I have been a subscriber of Funbridge since a long time. I do appreciate this app. I enjoy it very much, especially in this period of lockdown. I write just to ask you to introduce the possibility to get people to join in tournaments tables with real humans, to play it with habitual player friend. This is possible in other sites which are not so smart and pleasant as Funbridge is. Why not introduce this new way of playing? Thank you very much for your attention. Erika

  4. And here I thought the most frequently asked questions were “Why does FB’s bid not match the discription?”, “Why does FB never reply to reports of hands?”, “Why doesn’t FB follow the rules of conventions it says it plays?, “Why does FB pass in GF situations?”, “Why doesn’t FB repair obious flaws in the engine”, etc. But from this greatly announced page I gather, that after using FB for several years players still do not know how to log on properly…

    • I fully second this comment, I could not have put it better. What Erik mentioned are exactly my problems with FB. Let’s see if we get an answer from FB…

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    Een creditkaart heb ik niet meer, ik wil betalen met I-deal of via mijn eigen bankrekening.
    Is dat niet mogelijk dan wordt ik geen abonnee bij u.
    Leen Waardenburg

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