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Funbridge allows you to play bridge deals with robots on smartphones, tablets (iPhone, iPad, Android) and computers (Mac and Windows PC), and compare yourself with hundreds of other players on the same deals. Compare your bids and card play with many other players, rank yourself and make rapid progress.

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  • You play wherever and whenever you like
  • You can interrupt a game to resume it later
  • Available 24/24
Bridge website with several game modes and tournaments

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  • Daily tournaments (more than 1,000 players every day)
  • Practice tournaments
  • Series tournaments allowing you to compare yourself with players of your level
Duplicate bridge game online with many features

And much more...

  • Series ranking
  • Watch again/replay a deal
  • Access to bidding and card play details

450 000


1 000 000

Deals played per day

3 500

Players online

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The beginning of the year saw the launch of the Team Championship (on smartphones, tablets and Mac), which was particularly well received by the Funbridge community. Indeed, 650 teams, among which 490 made up of at least 4 players (prerequisite for participation), have been created so far. Keep in mind that you can enter the Championship anytime. Either create your own team or join one of the incomplete teams. To…


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A look back at the International Bridge Tournament in St. Moritz

The 76th International Bridge Tournament in St. Moritz was staged from 23rd January to 1st February. Based in the German-speaking part of Switzerland, this festival brings together international teams. Funbridge Team member Jérôme Rombaut took part in the Team Tournament. His team included three France Team players, namely Cédric Lorenzini, François Combescure and himself, the last player being Kiki Wordplatt-Ward. “The first two days went very well with six wins…


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Minimum Loss (Le Bridgeur Magazine n°898 – October 2015)

Article written by Jérôme Rombaut and published in the French magazine Le Bridgeur n°898 on 15 October 2015. Should you bid higher when opponent bids game after a two-suiter bid? This is a tough decision to make and no one can pretend to never make mistakes… Both on Funbridge and at a bridge table, messy situations resulting from two-suiter bids are widespread. The deal below is a perfect illustration of…


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Your January newsletter

No doubt 2017 will be just as exciting as 2016! This is best illustrated by the new Team Championship (on smartphones, tablets and Mac) starting on 1 February. But before revealing too much about 2017, let’s look back at 2016 and review the highlights of the past year… New Interface It all started with the redesign of your app: new home screen, creation of a side menu, new display of game…


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