Introductory module to bridge

Playing bridge is easy! This module will allow you to get familiar with the basics of this game and get started. You will soon be able to play your first bridge deals.

Introductory module to bridge

Take fun and interactive courses

Take fun and interactive courses

Play deals step by step

Play deals step by step

Play deals on your own

Play deals on your own

How to play


Learn to play bridge
with our introductory module to bridge!

The introductory module to bridge available in the Funbridge app is aimed at people who want to find out more about bridge rules and basics to be able to play their first bridge deals in a fun and simple way.

You will learn bridge step by step over several chapters. Each chapter includes: an introduction detailing the concepts covered in it, 8 step-by-step deals to help you get started and 1 deal that you will play on your own to apply what you have just learned in the chapter. Non-exhaustive list of chapters:

Chapter 1

  • Basics
  • Tips for playing in NT
  • Leads

Chapter 2

  • Contract
  • Game, Slam
  • Tips in trump contracts

Chapter 3

  • High-card points
  • Balanced hands
  • 1-level opening bids
  • Finessing
  • Second hand low, third hand high

Chapter 4

  • 1NT auctions with the Stayman convention 2♣️

Chapter 5

  • Trump raises
  • Responses to 1 of a suit

Chapter 6

  • The opening hand's second bid

Chapter 7

  • Responder's second bid
  • Third suit

Chapter 8

  • Competitive bidding: Overcalls

Chapter 9

  • Competitive bidding: Take-out doubles

Chapter 10

  • Strong 2♣️ and 2NT
  • Blackwood

Chapter 11

  • Weak opening bids (pre-empts)
  • Defence against pre-empts

Don't let yourself be impressed by this bridge learning module.

You may not be familiar with bridge terminology right now but don't worry, our bridge experts have worked hard to provide you with an interactive, simple and intuitive tool allowing you to play your first bridge tournaments without any difficulty!

This introductory module to bridge also includes a bridge dictionary. You will have bridge vocabulary and jargon at your fingertips!

As you will have understood, bridge will no longer be a secret to you!