Bridge series tournaments

Start in the New series and enter one of the series available, from Series 11 (i.e. the lowest one) to the Elite series (i.e. the highest one). This is a good way to compare yourself to players of your level.

Play bridge in series (i.e. in a group with players of your level) and try to excel yourselves.

Bridge series tournaments
Series tournaments are 4 deals tournaments with MP scoring system allowing you to compare and rank yourself against players of your level.

As any new player, you will start in the New series. Based on your results in this series, you will enter another one, series 11 being the lowest one and the Elite series being the highest one.

As your knowledge of bridge will improve, you will be able to reach the best series.

Indeed, twice a month (at the end of each "period"), your place in series will evolve based on your scores: you will go up to a higher series or down to a lower series or simply secure your place in your current series.

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To find out more about how series tournaments work, we invite you to read the relevant section of our FAQ:

FAQ - Series tournaments