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Are you looking for a free bridge game allowing you to play deals online? Our online bridge game is for you! This famous card game is user-friendly and can be downloaded on iPhone, Android, Mac or Windows.

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Funbridge in a few words

Funbridge allows you to play bridge for free with no commitment! Play an unlimited number of deals on all your devices with a single account. Our app is available for iPhone, iPad and Android mobiles and tablets as well as Mac and Windows computers.

You are wondering how to play bridge? Don't worry! The help system of the app will make bidding understanding easier and will teach you the basics of bridge. If you already know how to play bridge, our game will enable you to practise bidding and card play in order to develop your skills and later participate in tournaments to pit yourself against other players.

Since 2003, we have been committed to promoting bridge and making it accessible to the greatest possible number of people. As a partner of many bridge federations and clubs, our online bridge platform offers a comprehensive gaming experience which complements the standard way of playing bridge.

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Play online bridge for free whenever you want

At your own pace

Available 24/7.
Play bridge online whenever and wherever you want.
You can pause at any time and resume the game later.

Online bridge game offering several game modes and types of tournaments

User-friendly interface

Find your favourite game modes in just a few clicks and discover our easy-to-use game table.

Duplicate bridge game online offering numerous features

An active community

Over 150 countries represented.
More than 50,000 online players and 1 million deals played every day.

Play bridge with robots

New features and improvements regularly added/made

New features and game modes are regularly added to our bridge app to meet our players' needs.

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Game modes for all types of players

Practice Deals
Play practice deals at your own pace.

Exclusive Tournaments
Create your own tournaments and share your views on played deals.

Commented Tournaments
Benefit from the wise advice of a bridge champion after each deal played.
Tournaments of the Day
Every day compare yourself with thousands of players of all levels.

Series Tournaments
Enter one of the series available and get ranked among players of your level.

Face the Elites
Pit yourself against the best Funbridge players and use this as an opportunity to analyse how they play.
Challenge your friends or any other player on 5 deals. May the best win!

Team Championship
Create your own team and pit yourself against teams from all over the world.

Two-player game
Sit at the same game table as your friend and practise together.
Bridge Live

Funbridge Live
Live broadcasts of bridge matches!

Live bridge
Funbridge Live is a feature of our bridge app allowing you to follow major national and international bridge events live (kibitzing).

Funbridge Live gives you access to:
  • Live presentations of matches deal by deal
  • Live streaming of the tables with the players
  • Expert commentary
  • Results and rankings updated live

You want to arrange a live broadcast of your event (club tournament or bridge festival) via Funbridge Live? Get in touch with us!

Jérôme Rombaut, 2017 Vice World Champion

On Funbridge, you play the hand in South. Your partner in North and your opponents in East/West are controlled by the built-in artificial intelligence called "Argine".

Also called "game engine", this AI has been created by Jérôme Rombaut and his team. It is regularly updated to make sure it mimics human beahviour as closely as possible.

» Discover the game engine

Jérôme Rombaut

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July 17, 2018

Results of the 14th European Youth Bridge Pairs Championships – Opatija, Croatia

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What Funbridge players like:


I very often do not understand what the computer is indicating by a particular bid.


I enjoy using Funbridge. I am disappointed that there is no longer a 100 deal package in your order options. Why is that?


Average app— basic errors against its own guidelines. Does not allow back off on an error.