Team Championship 2013: End of the 2nd quarter

The 2013 team championship second quarter just ended.

Congratulations to the top four teams which are qualified for the end year finals: Le club des cinq, Les requins, Poland5, et Bridge Poker team.

Reminder: The first four qualified teams are: Normale, Cidade Invicta, les journalistes, et Valence

Ready for quarter 3?

The championship third quarter will begin on July, 5th. You have until this date to:

Create your team if it is not yet.

Manage your team if you want make substitutions.

We will get back to you next week with new for this third quarter!

Reminder : the team championship, how it works:

– Teams are made up of 5 players

– Every week until the end of the year, each team member will play a dedicated open tournament (diferent from his team-mates’ ones)

– The rank of each member of a team in his tournament will be converted into points

– The sum of the points scored by each team member every week will allow to rank the teams.

– The 2013 team championship is divided into four rounds, one per quarter

– The four winning teams (one per quarter) will compete at the end of the year to identify the best 2013 team.

– At the end of 2013, we’ll know the best Funbridge team

All the details about this team championship on our website.

We wish you good tournaments and a lot of fun on Funbridge.

The Funbridge team.