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After the sneak preview of the new PC version of Funbridge in the last newsletter (click here to read more), this month we look at the display and ergonomics options at the game table.

To help you get started, Funbridge uses default options: play with the help of the pop-up window with bidding tips, play singletons and collect tricks automatically, switch North and South when North is the declarer, etc. You should know that you can disable these options (and many others) very easily.

You can also select your pack of cards (2 or 4 colours) and choose between 10 different card backs.

As you can see, these options enable you to customise the app to meet your taste and playing habits. Go to the settings now using the left-hand menu to find out what all the possibilities are!

What’s new on Funbridge?

Live broadcast of bridge matches

It will very soon be possible to watch official bridge matches via Funbridge.

Follow your favourite team at the 2017 World Bridge Championships held in Lyon anywhere, anytime thanks to this new feature!

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The article by Jérôme Rombaut

Every month read a new article written by Jérôme Rombaut and published in the magazine “Le Bridgeur”.

Big Dilemma: “Here is a classic defence problem: is it urgent to replay the suit led by partner or does it make more sense to try to give declarer the possibility to make a mistake? It is up to you!”.

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Enjoy playing tournaments on Funbridge!

One comment

  1. This new version is a big mistake. More clunky, less user friendly and, perhaps worse of all, you patronise us by explaining that no one outside France understood the division system when this, for me, was one of its massive appeals.
    Give the players the choice – remain with the established or convert to the new version…….this will tell you how people feel.
    Having the cards of just the one suit appear having clicked the card of choice, only to have to click again – what is that all about? For individuals like myself this provides an unbearable annoyance. The style of the cards and their display I think attempts to be more ‘modern’ – but we are not playing a modern ‘shoot ’em down’ game. Please understand your audience – and listen to us. Please.
    I have enjoyed playing regularly for several years now. I cannot imagine that I will continue. I am now about to look on line for alternatives. Such a shame.

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