Whose Fault

North-South have reached a very poor contact. As so often, each of the two players considers that his partner is responsible for the accident. And you, what do you think?

Problem 1

Deal 1
Deal 2

The facts

Nine tricks from the top in No-Trump. One of the two players lacked technique or judgment, or maybe they are both to be blamed. Let’s hear what they have to say.

The arguments

North: I don’t stop Clubs, I can’t bid No-trump. And I can’t bid 3♥ without showing four cards in the suit. I don’t understand your Pass over 3♦. You owe me a third bid, or else you raise my 3♦ to 2♦ and then I show my Heart stopper and we get to 3NT like everybody else.”

South: “I thought about bidding 3♦ over 2♦ but my priority was to find out if you had Spade support, which you don’t have to show over 3♦. I understand your arguments but you could have a much weaker hand, 11HCP without the Ace of Diamonds for example, and playing game becomes very far-fetched.”

The verdict

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