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The Mysterious Hand: reconstruct a bridge hand

To bid well in bridge, you must:

1. Know how to describe your own hand.

2. Know how to decode.

3. Know how to draw conclusions.

The purpose of this exercise is to train you in number 2 “Know how to decode”.

You have to reconstruct a hand with the exact distribution and all the honors from Ace to Jack. For that, you have various clues at your disposal that come from the bidding or play of the cards.

You are sitting South.

Problem 1

Clues from the bidding

Auction A:

Auction B:

Auction C:

Clues from the opening lead

South leads the Jack of Hearts.


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7 mois plus tôt

Where is the solution?

Barbara Potter
Barbara Potter
7 mois plus tôt

Will not open

7 mois plus tôt

No pdf opens when I hit Solution and problem2

7 mois plus tôt

ACOL? 5 Card Major? Useful to know the bidding system before trying to decode

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