The Inferences of Game-Forcing 2-over-1


Game-forcing 2-over-1, which is part of the American standard, is emerging in France where it is given overwhelming support by its champions as it makes sequences more natural. But it imposes changes to the old system, especially for the 1NT response.

I- Preamble

In the French system, a 2-over-1 jump take-out is forcing for one round, auto-forcing but not game-forcing. That now belongs in the past. The system that you will play or are already playing is not only more efficient, but it also adapts to the one used with your partner without any difficulty. It is now forcing to game. As soon as you respond 2♣ over 1♠ or 2♥ over 1♠, you can no longer stop below game.

The 1♦-2♣ sequence must also become game-forcing, still looking for better efficiency easily, but will not be covered in this article (take patience). Let us start by recalling in which sequences and conditions you can – sorry, you could – stop below game.

I-1 Non-forcing sequences

Three sequences, if allowed by Opener’s rebid:

Deal 1

11 HCP, two cards in Spades with no stopper in Hearts.

Deal 2

11 HCP, one stopper in Hearts, a more or less balanced hand.

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  1. I guess I’m not at the level that this article requires. I could never remember all the rules and inferences tha this expert descrivBes. The article was interesting, and I hope it taught me something about responding with 11HCP.
    SUGGESTION: in your commented deals in the learning tutorials, you show the bidding sequences. It would be very helpful in the Series play to be able to see the bidding sequences got the top bid (gaining sometimes as much as 95 percent) . I sometimes don’t bid so that we reach game, even though I am trying to force the bid. When I see that the winning bid was game or slam, I always wonder how they managed to get there.

  2. I wish that when playing at Funbridge there would be a way to change Argine’s setting so that it would play 2/1.

    If that would be the case, I would definetely be using 2/1 when playing at Funbridge. Unfortunately, that is not the case. So, I use 5 Card Major Competition and attempt to learn from Argine how to bid with that system.

    I’m curious:
    1. What percentage of players, let’s say in the top 5 levels use Free Profile, 5-Card Major Competition, 2/1 or others conventions.
    2. Why Argine’s default setting is 5 Caqrd Major Competion and not 2/1?

  3. I use this in my partnership
    but vi can open with ten points
    none volnerable. We bid 2 diamonds with 10-13 points
    2 clubs are always forcing and
    need not promise clubs

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