The Biggest Online Bridge Tournament is cancelled

It is with great sadness that we have decided to cancel The Biggest Online Bridge Tournament which started this morning.

The date of 12 December was expected to be a day of celebration for the Funbridge team and its community of players. This tournament has set records for the number of participants on the app!

Unfortunately, as you may have noticed today, it has been a victim of its own success.

Great care has been taken ahead of the tournament to make sure a large number of players can log in simultaneously. The Funbridge team has worked hard ahead of the tournament for it to take place in the best possible conditions. But this is not what you have experienced today.

We had promised to offer 1 Diamond to each participant per 1,000 players registered for the tournament on Funbridge. You were nearly 15,000 registered players this morning. We will honour our promise. Each registered player will receive 20 Diamonds (15 Diamonds plus 5 extra Diamonds) on his/her account in the next few days, allowing him/her to play one Funbridge Points tournament.

Rest assured that the whole Funbridge team is greatly affected by this situation. This event has been imagined and prepared for weeks. Expectations were high today.

But there will be another time. We will be working flat out to offer you a big tournament that will keep its promises this time.

Olivier Comte, President of Funbridge


  1. This is not right – let it run over a week and let players join on different days… I played 7 games and was doing very well – it is such a bummer not to be able to complete it!

  2. I have noticed that the scores of many hands played in tournaments do not correspond to the actual results shown in the replay of the hands.
    Other issue is about the meaning of certain bids, the explanation does not match the cards of the bidder!
    Thank you

  3. Understand the problem.
    I love Funbridge and will recommend all my students (local college continuing education classes) sigh up.

    • .It was widely publicized that this was a joint venture of BBO and FB. Sad that over 35000 players are playing the same tournament merrily at BBO while FB is unable to cope with only 15000 players. More unfortunate is that FB was asking for more and more entries each day and night and all lovers flocked in together. All feel deeply frustrated.

  4. Thanks for the timely explanation. I like the idea of doing it on a more extended timeline to spread out the load. Sorry I won’t be able to complete it and see the results. Are you going to post the hands so we can see how we did on the ones we were able to complete?

  5. Well, failures are only possible if you do something . So thanks for trying. Some advice for the future… you may want to start with a tournament limiting it to 2000 participants and if trouble-free, followed by one limited to 4000 participants….

  6. We are bridge players, and we learn from our mistakes, as undoubtedly your tech support team will. I look forward to the rescheduled tournament, and do extend it from a mere 24 hour session when you can gather 10,000+ people from around the world to play.

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