The basics of Rubensohl

Bidding exercise in bridge

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The Rubensohl convention only made its entry into the French Standard System (SEF) in 2018, when the latter was entirely re-thought and re-edited. Do you know this defensive system against overcalls of our 1NT opening?

Bidding is starting…

You are sitting North. Five-card major system. What are you going to bid with each of the six hands below? 🤔

Hand 1

♠ 863
♥ 4
♦ 743
♣ KQ10752

Hand 2

♠ AQ5
♥ 6
♦ K9753
♣ J964

Hand 3

♠ A9743
♥ 73
♦ Q962
♣ 82

Hand 4

♠ AQ73
♥ 2
♦ K9752
♣ Q103

Hand 5

♠ A1094
♥ 2
♦ 86532
♣ Q73

Hand 6

♠ AK953
♥ 76
♦ K5
♣ 10873

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