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3-2 or 4-1?

Dealer West, All Vul. West starts with the Ace-King-Queen of Clubs, East following with the three, four and Jack, and then switches to the Diamond three… How many winners do you count?…

Bridge problem article

Even Homer Nods…

You need to be constantly awake as declarer. Problems are much easier when seen in a book or a magazine, as there is a kindly author tapping you on the shoulder and…

Columbus alternative bridge article

Columbus alternative

2020. Confined in their respective countries, the champions were deprived of the Vanderbilt, which was to take place in Columbus (Ohio). Paul Street, an American sponsor and captain of a team that…

Bridge problem

Power Cut

Your hand sitting South Bidding Dealer West, game all: Card play Contract: 5♦. Lead: 9 of ♣. Your opponents have not been very pugnacious. You have even escaped a double. But perhaps…