Special Guest : Mathilde Thuillez

Mathilde Thuillez

Born on 9 September 1996 in Saint-Cloud, Mathilde is currently an intern in gynaecology and obstetrics (semester 2/12) in Paris.

According to her, she has a “standard style of play which is rather aggressive.”

🏆 Palmarès

  • 2014: World Champion – Girls Teams
  • 2015: European Champion – Girls Teams
  • 2017: World Champion – Girls Pairs
  • 2020: Champion of France (National Division)
  • 2022: Vice Champion of France – Women DN (National Division)
  • 2022: Vice European Champion – Girls Teams

🎤 Interview with Mathilde Thuilliez

At what age have you started playing bridge?

My parents work in the field of bridge (my mother is a teacher and director, my father works as. Competitions Director for the committee of Val De Seine). So, I’ve been immersed in the world of bridge from a very young age. I learned the rules at 8 and seriously took up bridge around 12-13.

What is your current national ranking?

My rank has been 1ère série nationale (1st national series) since the beginning of this season.

What is your best bridge memory?

My best bridge memory will remain the World Championships in Istanbul in 2014. It was a first for me and we won after very tight knockout matches

📌 A few words about the Breast Cancer Awareness Month

I’m very happy to be part of this Breast Cancer Awareness Month campaign. As a gynaecologist, I’m directly concerned by breast cancer, and I find important to raise awareness that this type of cancer can affect any women (as well as men) on top of raising funds.


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