Breast Cancer Awareness Month with Funbridge: THANK YOU!

The Funbridge team would like to say a big THANK YOU for participating in our Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a campaign that is close to our hearts! 🙌

A total of 3,426 players have played these special tournaments! 💗

We have added up the Diamonds collected in each of the 5 tournaments starring professional female bridge players and converted them into euros. Click this link to get more information about the conversion method used.

We are happy to announce that your mobilisation has helped the association “Ruban Rose” with a total of:

Thank you for your generosity! Your good deed helps support the association Ruban Rose and therefore advance medical research against breast cancer. 🤝

If you wish so, you can also make individual donations on the Ruban Rose website.

What is “Breast Cancer Awareness Month”?

“Today breast cancer affects 1 woman out of 8.”

Previously known as “Breast Cancer, Let’s Talk About It!”, Pink October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and was initiated in the early 90s by Evelyn Lauder.This led to the creation of the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

The campaign started in France in 1994 thanks to the Ester Lauder Companies France brand and the French magazine Marie Claire.

The association Ruban Rose was created later, in 2003. Today they share information, talk about the disease and raise awareness about the fight against breast cancer.

If you want to find out more about the association Ruban Rose, click just here.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month tournaments 💗

1 OctoberSanna Clementsson

Participants: 742

Amount collected for the association: 794€

It is professional bridge player and 2022 Venice Cup gold medallist Sanna Clementsson whokicked off this series of special tournaments.

Find out more about her in her profile.

8 October – Vanessa Réess

Participants: 817 participants

Amount collected for the association: 875€

The special guest of the second Breast Cancer Awareness Month tournament was 7-time Champion of France Vanessa Réess.

Click below to learn more about her.

15 October – Bénédicte Cronier

Participants: 700

Amount collected for the association: 750€

In the third Breast Cancer Awareness Month tournament, you have been given the opportunity to pit your skills against French No 1 Bénédicte Cronier.

Find out more about her in her profile.

22 octoberMathilde Thuillez

Participants: 614

Amount collected for the association: 657€

Mathilde Thuillez, ranked as “1ère série nationale” (1st national series) since the beginning of the season, played the fourth Breast Cancer Awareness Month tournament.

Find out more about her in her profile.

29 October – India Natt (née Leeming)

Participants: 553

Amount collected for the association 592€

Our last special guest was bridge player and teacher India Natt.

Click below to learn more about her.

What do you think of this Awareness Month?

Share your view in the Comments section below and discuss with other bridge players.


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