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New game options available!

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We are committed to doing everything we can to meet your expectations in terms of user-friendliness and accessibility. New game options are now available on Funbridge, on computers only (coming soon on smartphone and tablet):

Cards with big symbols

With this new deck, the suit and value of the cards are larger. To try it out, open Funbridge from a computer then go to “Settings ⚙️” > “Game table, display and ergonomics”, then select the deck of cards with big symbols.

Larger font size to make texts easier to read

If you are playing on a computer, the display options “Bigger text” and “Dyslexia font” may provide better reading comfort. To enable them, click on the new menu “Accessibility” at the top of the home screen on Funbridge.

Funbridge on your desktop

Are you using Google’s Chrome browser to play on your computer? The interface should display a pop-up inviting you to install Funbridge on your desktop. This will add an icon to it allowing you to launch Funbridge in a click!

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5 mois plus tôt

I am confused And how you determine rankings for each hand. In one tournament which consists of four hands… In the 1st pound I bid 6 ♥️ and went down one and was ranked lower than someone who bid and bid and made 4♥️. On the very next hand I bid and made 2♣️ but was ranked lower than someone who bid 2♥️ but who went -4. I thought maybe they were just averaging the hands but that was impossible because on the very next hand I bid and made six no Trump and was ranked number one. Why is this happening?