Masterclass: Defending Against Suit Contracts

Here is a new Masterclass that is available throughout December just for you! In November there were almost 6,000 participants. How about setting a new participation record? 😉

And this Masterclass is about…

“Defending Against Suit Contracts”

Masterclass”, what is it?

An educational video bridge course taught by a bridge expert.

Deals to practise the topic covered immediately.

Each deal is explained in the video and in text format so that you can fully benefit from the expert’s advice.

A user-friendly chat to leave comments and discuss with other players and the expert after each deal.

The Masterclass has already started!

Our ambassador India Natt is hosting a new Masterclass about “Defending Against Suit Contracts”.

Whatever your overall bridge level and no matter how much you know about this topic specifically, come benefit from India’s expertise in a relaxed atmosphere where there is no “stupid question”!

But hurry up! This Masterclass will stop being available after 31 December…

How to register and participate in India Natt’s Masterclass?

At the moment, Masterclasses are available as exclusive tournaments.

Like any other exclusive tournament, all you have to do is register and enter once it kicks off.

To join India Natt’s Masterclass about “Defending Against Suit Contracts”:

  • Go to “Get started/Practise” > “Exclusive tournaments”, then search “Masterclass – Defending Against Suit Contracts
  • Or just click the button below

Watch India Natt’s lesson

India Natt and I are looking forward to seeing you in this new Masterclass! We rely on you and hope that many of you will participate. 😉

Feel free to suggest any topics you would like us to cover in the next Masterclasses in the Comments section below.”

Justine Mouille
Justine Mouille
Event Manager


  1. Really great class. You are right, this was a quite complicated lesson. I think there was some really good examples in there but lost focus and wasn’t able to follow. Guess some with clear up after second watch. You are doing good with these Masterclass lessons.

    One this. If you watch this video with subtitles on youtube, this line in your presentation often gets hidden by subtitles. Would it be possible to consider that while doing the lessons? I think there is some people here that need subtitles for listening to english.

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