However the Cards May Lie

How cards may lie

Whether the contract is a lowly 1♥ or a lofty 7♠, it is essential that you make a plan before even playing to trick one. Counting your losers (and double-checking the process by ensuring that you have sufficient tricks) is a vital part of that planning process. Identifying how you can reduce your losers to an acceptable number is not the end, though. What often gets lost in this process is the question of entries. Playing the hand through mentally will enable you to sidestep problems in that department. Take a look at this deal from a Funbridge Daily IMP game.

Both Vul, Dealer South, IMPs 

Full game

You reach Six Hearts and West, who has overcalled in spades, leads the K♠. How would you play? 


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  1. Frank Stewart had a very similar hand in his book, “Two Minute Bridge Tips,” the only difference being that East had the 4 hearts and overruffed the spade 2 if it were used.

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