How to create a bridge tournament for your club on Funbridge

Funbridge gives you the possibility to create bridge tournaments called “exclusive tournaments“.

Access to these customisable tournaments (frequency, number of deals, scoring system, etc.) can be restricted to members of your bridge club only.

Exclusive tournaments are also a place for exchange thanks to our tournament built-in chat system.

How to create a bridge tournament on Funbridge?

You can create tournaments directly in the Funbridge app which is available on smartphones, tablets and computers via web browsers.

How to download Funbridge on smartphones and tablets

From an iPhone/iPad
download Funbridge via the App Store

From an Android device
Download Funbridge via the Google Play Store

Open the app once the download is over. Tap/click “Play my first deal“. After your first deal, enter a username to access the main menu of the app and its numerous game modes.

How to play on Funbridge from a computer (PC and Mac)

Follow this link to access the online version of Funbridge: Play bridge online

You need to create an account to access all game modes. To do so, enter a username, an email address and a password.

How to create an exclusive tournament

To create a tournament, go to the “exclusive tournaments” game mode and follow the steps below:

1 – Tap/click “Get started/Practise”, then “Exclusive tournaments” at the bottom of the list
2 – Tap/click “Create or manage my tournaments”
3 – Choose a meaningful name related to your tournament (e.g. name of your bridge club) and fill in the tournament features (name, number of deals, password, etc.)
4 – Tap/click “Create”

You have now created a tournament which is displayed on the home screen of this game mode.

Players will be allowed to participate once it is open provided that they have enough deals or a Funbridge PREMIUM subscription with unlimited deals.


Players willing to participate in your club tournaments should follow the steps below:

1 – Open the Funbridge app
2 – Go to “Get started/Practise”, then “Exclusive tournaments” at the bottom of the list
3 – Tap/click “View all tournaments”
4 – Enter the name of the tournament or the tournament creator’s username to have it displayed in the list
5 – Tap/click the tournament
6 – Enter the tournament password if any
7 – Tap/click “Play” to start


To add a tournament to the home screen of this game mode, tap/click the star next to its name.


  1. In setting up an exclusive tournament with my bridge group do all participating need to be members or can they use their 10 free plays for the week?

    • Hi Ruth, a Funbridge PREMIUM subscription is not a requirement to . They can participate as long as they have enough deals. So yes, the free weekly deals can be enough if your tournament is composed of 10 deals.

  2. To set up an exclusive tournament I need to have a Premium subscription. My Club members can then play in a ten board tournament each week for free. This will suit those seeking a trial but if I want to set up another tournament with more boards at another time am I able to do this in the same week; and if I can is there a limit to the number that I can set up?

  3. Does everyone who’s partaking in an exclusive tournament play as an individual or do you need a partner?

    • Hi David! On Funbridge, no matter the game mode you choose, you always play the hand in South. North, East and West are played by computers, identical for all tables so that you are fairly compared with other human players. Your aim is to get a better score than other players on the same boards.

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