[Infographic] How bridge is played in the world

In 2019 many major players of the bridge world collaborated to launch the largest bridge survey ever.

The aim? Establish the profile of the average bridge player and understand the reasons why this card game attracts millions of people around the globe.

Nearly 15,000 people
– including you maybe – have answered hundreds of questions such as “Why do you play bridge?”, “Where do you play bridge?” and “Is bridge a sport?”.

An infographic is now available to highlight the answers collected. Read more in the article below.

Enjoy reading and feel free to share! 😉

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  1. Interesting It would be useful to know why so many duplicate players are preferring to play in an afternoon rather than evening. Some Bidge Clubs are really struggling for numbers for evening comps BUT afternoons very popular

  2. Is it possible to get a text version of this? It would be useful for informing the Keep Bridge Alive research – thanks. If so, let me know who I should email about that. Also any chance ‘he’ could be changed to ‘you’ or bridge players or players – more neutral language?

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