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GIB (Ginsberg’s Intelligent Bridge player) is a software program created by Ginsberg. It won the WCBC (World Computer Bridge Championship) in 1998 and 1999.

The starting point

You all receive this hand record at the end of a tournament. In a small corner, you see a series of numbers which represent the number of tricks possible with four games being possible on the deal in question. This indication, with no pedagogical value whatsoever, is the result of an analysis of the GIB software which is never mistaken but which sees all the cards.

It can be fun to figure out how to achieve this often impressive result and to wonder if the solution is workable at single-dummy or if this software “cheats”. It is this exercise that I suggest you focus on here, on a fairly simple layout.

Full game

GIB claims that it takes ten tricks in hearts as East-West after any opening lead and whatever the defence. This would tend to suggest that, not vulnerable, it would be best to sacrifice with 4 Spades (eight tricks) or with 5 Clubs (nine tricks).

What do you think ? Do a little research before taking a look at the solution.

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