Funbridge Points tournaments – here’s what’s coming!

The whole Funbridge team continues to stand by you in these difficult times. To make your daily life more enjoyable, we have a special “Funbridge Points tournaments” offer for you and we have introduced two major new features:

1.Funbridge Points tournaments at a discount price 🔥

All Funbridge Points tournaments are half price until 12 December! Enjoy this offer to move up the rankings and take part in the monthly challenge.

2.New short tournaments

Play quickly at a lower price with these new tournaments consisting of 6 deals and available for 8 Diamonds (instead of 17) for a month! Exactly what you need to take your mind off things and have a little break. ☕

3.Faster instant tournaments

Instant tournaments are getting faster with 10 deals instead of 12. Think twice before you act! 😉

These new features are already available for Funbridge Points tournaments.

⚠️ Please note that instant tournaments are not included in the downloadable versions for PC and Mac. Log in to our version for web browsers using a computer to get access.


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