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You asked for it, we did it! Funbridge for web browsers is changing

funbridge pour ordinateur

As announced on 26 August, the downloadable versions for computers will finally stop working on 5 October.

The deadline has been postponed by one month. We have used this time to bring improvements to the version of Funbridge for web browsers based on players’ comments to offer you optimal playing conditions on computers.

You asked for it, we did it!

homescreen funbridge for web browsers

“Texts are too difficult to read, characters are too small and narrow.”

We have significantly increased the font size and weight on Funbridge for web browsers to make our texts easier to read.

friends screen funbridge for web browsers

“There is not enough contrast. It hurts the eyes.”

The grey background has been replaced by a white one on many screens. Other colour and contrast optimisations have also been made.

private tournaments screen-funbridge for web browsers

“There is less information displayed on each screen.”

We have reworked the layout of many screens to display more information without having to scroll down.

game table funbridge for web browsers

“It freezes, crashes and struggles.”

We have added game servers specially dedicated to Funbridge for web browsers. As a result, the stability of this version has been clearly improved.

Click the button above using a computer.

And that is not all…

As you can see, optimisations have already been made to meet your expectations and make our texts easier to read, which was your main concern in the feedback we have received. But we don’t intend to stop there! Here are a few examples of what we are working on:


Continued improvement of interface screens to bring you even more comfort.


New accessibility options: modes including enhanced contrast, aimed at dyslexics and colour-blind users, etc.

cartes funbridge

New deck of cards with big symbols for a better game experience.

Say goodbye to updates!

“When you play with the version of Funbridge for web browsers, you automatically enjoy the latest new features and enhancements with no need to update.

I am looking forward to hearing your opinion and suggestions about the improvements made and planned. So, feel free to share your thoughts!

Arnaud Riu
Arnaud Riu – Manager Funbridge for web browsers

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Anthony Rogers
Anthony Rogers
7 mois plus tôt

Your web page is terrible. Please bring back the App versionfor computers