Destination 2023: special tournament from 30 December to 1 January

Destination 2023

How about celebrating the transition to 2023 together? Mark your calendars for the special “Destination 2023” tournament from Friday 30 December 2022 to Sunday 1 January 2023. Thousands of Diamonds will be up for grabs! This tournament is open to Premium and Premium+ subscribers only.

How does the “Destination 2023” tournament work?

It will be held from 30 December 2022 to 1 January 2023.

100 tournaments of 6 deals scored by MPs will be available.

Participants will be ranked based on the average score of their top 4 tournaments.

In other words, each participant must play at least 4 tournaments to be listed in the final rankings of the event.

Road to 2023 tournament cup

What are the prizes awarded?

Here is the prize list:

  • 1st: 800 Diamonds
  • 2nd: 600 Diamonds
  • 3rd: 400 Diamonds
  • 4th-10th: 50 Diamonds

“Let’s welcome the New Year together!”

“I’ve had a lot of fun devising thematic tournaments throughout 2022 and I hope that many of you will participate in the last big tournament of the year for our subscribers only! As mentioned above, this is a great opportunity for you to win plenty of Diamonds to play other big events on Funbridge like federation tournaments. Feel free to share your feedback and suggestions on the Destination 2023 tournament in the Comments section below. I’ll read them all!”

Justine Mouille
Justine Mouille
Event Manager


  1. “100 tournois de 6 deals marqués par les MP seront disponibles.”

    peut être qu’autour de vous quelqu’un pourra traduire ‘ deals” par ‘ donnes’
    quant à ( si si c’est français) MP … message personnel?
    sans rancune , mais quand même , bonne année à vous

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