Match point thinking

Match Point Thinking

Who said that only great champions can write bridge articles? Funbridge is launching a brand-new format of article. You, talented players, will be our bridge authors and give your opinion about deals of…


Minibridge, maximum fun!

Bridge learners’ first steps perfectly embody the adage that “quantity must not drive out quality”. Indeed, there is nothing more exciting than quickly getting to play easy deals even if they cover…

Bridge on holidays

Mini Games: Bridge on Holiday

Summer has arrived and holidays are fast approaching! It is the perfect time to relax and enjoy the sunshine while keeping your mind active. 🌞 We have devised 3 bridge and holiday-themed…


Our ambassador: Milan Macura

Discover the champion profile and ambassador Milan Macura and challenge him in his next Funbridge Points tournament. ID Card Nationality: Czech Studies: Bachelor’s degree in computing WBF title: World Master Next tournament date: Participate Playing…