A new ambassador arrives on Funbridge: Shahzaad Natt!

Shahzaad Natt

Professional bridge player Shahzaad Natt is joining Funbridge as an ambassador! Check out his profile and challenge him in a Funbridge Points tournament on Sunday 17 September. 💥

ID Card

Nationality: British

Nicknames: The Meister / Grandma Natt

Next tournament date: 17 September 2023

Playing Record

Shahzaad Natt
  • 3-time winner of the Camrose (once as an adult, twice as a Junior)
  • 3rd place in the White House
  • 3rd place in World Pairs Championships
  • Played several times for the England Junior team
  • Played once for the England Open team

Shahzaad answers our questions

At what age did you embark on your journey in bridge, and what motivated you to delve into it?

I first learned bridge at an airport on boxing day 2011. I was travelling with some friends to go skiing and one of them managed to lose his passport. While he was speaking to the Swiss border staff I was with three friends who played bridge and I did not. The rest is history. I fell in love with the game and have played and studied almost every day since then.

Shahzaad Natt
Shahzaad Natt

What is your best bridge memory?

I think mine would have to be winning the Easter Teams in 2017. There have been bigger wins later on in my career but this was important as it was so early on. It helped that I played on a team with some really good friends. We even thought about not entering the event!

Apart from your involvement in bridge, both from a professional and personal perspective, what other pursuits fill your days?

To be honest I could list a hundred things, I have a lot of interests/hobbies. I travel extensively, enjoy playing poker, reading, swimming, cooking. I am interested in astronomy and I love spending time with my son.

Extra tip from the expert:

I would say to watch the spot cards. A lot is given away from the opponents signals but even when defenders lazily follow suit with their lowest card, that provides information. As a defender try your hardest to give helpful information to partner without assisting declarer too much.

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