Bridge problem: In the right order

Bridge problem

Your hand sitting South


Dealer East. East-West vulnerable.

North-South hands

Lead: ♠4.

The sequence was a bit laborious but the slam that you have reached is not bad. You ruff the lead and play Ace-King of ♦. Of course, East discards on the second round. Take every chance left in the right order now.


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  1. You know you should be in game at least. You might belong in slam, but make sure you at least get to game.
    You want to show support for partner if you have it soon. But, if a major suit trump opener from partner and you have 3 card support, don’t bid game directly, for that means you have a lot of trump and are weak, < 10points. Bid your best suit at the 2 level and see what partner bids next. If it suggests a minimum (2 of the same trump suit, for example) now bid 4. If it is a new suit, bid 4 of the first suit. If partner and you are not raising each other's suits, bid 3 NT. If partner opens 1 NT or responds to your first response with 1NT, bid 3NT. The less information you can give the defenders, the better.

    A real problem is when you have a 15 point hand and the player to your right opens something. You are too weak to bid 1 NT, can't double without good major support (although Argine does this all the time.) Sometimes, a "disciplined pass" is the best call and hope you can get in later.

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