Bridge is going on tour

World Bridge Tour

Back in 2019, the council administrated by the World Bridge Federation voted to approve the concept of a new tournament meant to give competitive continuity to the game. As it was meant to start in 2020, the tournament never saw the light and was kept in the drawer for about 3 years. Which makes this season the inauguration year for the World Bridge Tour, a brand new competition for the professional bridge circuit.

A long awaited tournament

As a tour goes, the WBF is looking to include as much competitions as needed to celebrate bridge from January to December. Through each one’s position in these tournaments, the federation will invite the highest ranked pairs to compete in a final event organized at the end of the year.

Jan Kamras, president of the WBF

A merit-based tournament

World Bridge Tour logo

Indeed, the players have to register as pairs and will be ranked according to the pair’s performances throughout the year. It is crucial to find the perfect team-mate, a quick thinker who never blames his comrades in tough losses. Pairs can score and move up in the rankings since January first by competing in over 30 competitions through the season.

It has been decided that the 2023 season would be a “dry run” to prepare the field for the next seasons which makes this year’s participants unique in the way they are competing for glory in the bridging world.

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