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Major Suit Raise

Major suit raises after a take-out double

In modern bridge, the simple raise of opener’s major after a takeout Double was cut in half: the upper range is now shown via a transfer bid, the lower zone with the good old natural simple raise. With the Mixed raise, 2NT and fit-showing jump shifts, a pair now has a colorful range of bids to paint the best contracts!
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A powerful system: Transfer over opener’s jump rebid of 2NT

In the French standard system, when we start 1m-1M-2NT, the other minor elongates responder’s major, but that’s about it. It is possible to go much further in the description of all sorts of hands under the condition of adopting a system that combines transfer and double relay responses. Attention, it requires that you and your partner are on exactly the same page, or you can experience disasters
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