A conventional and forcing 2NT after a major suit transfer


In this article, we take a look at the forcing and conventional 2NT after a major-suit transfer over 1NT. One of the situations:

1. Reminders of the classic system and its drawbacks

2NT shows a hand of 8HCP with, a priori, balanced distribution. With unbalanced hands of 7-8HCP and five cards in a major, responder first uses Stayman and then bids a “Golden Misère” (he shows his major at the two-level over opener’s answer).

It seems natural to everyone to use this procedure because otherwise, if responder uses a transfer, he will be in trouble, not knowing what to do after his partner has executed the transfer. Bidding 2NT with an unbalanced hand is not satisfactory for two reasons:

  • The distribution does not lend itself to a No-Trump contract.
  • You don’t want to stop at 2 No-Trumps if opener is minimum – even if he has no fit.

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