A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush

A bird in the hand

In matchpoint pairs, declarer sometimes has the opportunity to take some risks to get an extra trick.

Deal 1

Dealer West, All Vul.

North leads the ♠Q and South plays the 7. You play the contract that is certainly reached at most if not all tables and count nine immediate tricks. You might get a tenth in Hearts if the Ace is onside. How do you plan the play?

Start by cashing your five Club tricks to annoy the defenders and then play a Heart towards the King.

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  1. Ottimo l articolo di jerome.
    Nel traduttore automatico perché non inserite una decina di parole italiane corrette, invece dell orrore che devo leggere sempre?
    Doppio= contro
    Ridoppie = surcontro
    Affare = mano
    Asta = licita
    E qualche altra. Grazie dell attenzione

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